The Bai'aat.

The Arabic term bai'at has been translated here as "pledge" or "initiation", but its true meaning is far more profound than a simple pledge. Accordingly, the Promised Messiah (as) said: "Bai'at truly means to sell oneself; its blessings and impact are based on that condition. Just as a seed is sown into the ground, its original condition is that the hand of the farmer has sown it, but it is not known what will happen to it.

If the seed is of a good quality and possesses the capacity to grow, then with the grace of Allah the Almighty, and as a consequence of the work done by the farmer, it grows until one grain turns into a thousand grains. Similarly, the person taking bai'at has to first adopt lowliness and humility and has to distance himself from his ego and selfishness. Then that person becomes fit for growth. But he who continues to hold on to his ego, along with taking bai’at, will never receive any grace." [Malfoozat, vol. 6, p. 173]

"The purpose of their joining the Movement and establishing with me a relationship like that of a disciple is that they should achieve a high degree of piety and righteousness. No wrongdoing or mischief should ever come near them. They should offer the five daily Prayers regularly and with congregation, and should not lie nor hurt anyone by their tongues.

They should not be guilty of any kind of vice and should not let even a thought of mischief, wrongdoing or transgression pass through their minds. They should shun every type of sin, offence, undesirable speech and action, as well as all egoistic passions and unruly behaviour. They should become pure-hearted, harmless and meek servants of God Almighty, and no poisonous germ should flourish in their beings." [Essence of Islam, Vol. IV, pp. 349 – 250]

"It is wrong to say that by treading in the path of Allah anybody would ultimately suffer a loss. The truthful can never be in a state of loss. Only he who is false - i.e. who, for worldly gain, breaks the pledge that he has made with Almighty Allah - suffers loss.

One who commits such an action because of the fear of the world should remember that at the time of his death no ruler or king of this world would come to procure his release.

He has to present himself to the Judge of all the judges, Who will inquire of him, 'Why did you not honor Me?' Therefore, it is essential for all the believers to believe in Allah, Who is the King of the heavens and earth and to make a true repentance." [Malfoozat, vol. 7, pp. 29–30]